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We help your B2B product deliver faster new features and releases to make stakeholders and clients happier.

Business Sustainability Platform

Digital Venture
ESG & Sustainability

— Kanso Team has delivered an amazing end-to-end solution for our blockchain idea. As an early founder I was impressed with the quality of design and implementation. Amazing quality!

Balthazar Schlumberger - CEO of Simpl
Balthazar Schlumberger
CEO at Simpl
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Frontend for Crypto MPC wallet

Dedicated Team Extension
B2B SaaS

— Kanso Code team is insane when it comes to UI and frontend development.

Their expertise in product-oriented design and implementation is beyond all expectations

Hamilton Keats - CEO at Krayon Digital happy face image
Hamilton Keats
CEO at Krayon Digital
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Health & Wellness Hybrid App

Mobile Cross-platform

— I was impressed with the amount of knowledge in Startups Kanso Code team has. They helped us not only to build Hybrid Applications with 50% less effort, but also setup behavior analytics and helped to track user retention. Brilliant team.

Client #3 Image with happy face
Marc-Olivier Lafleur
CEO at Innertune
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Client Kanekto Image Testimonial

B2B Video Conferencing Platform

Full-Stack Development
Dedicated Team Extension

— We were looking for an off-shore team to build the web UI for our Portal. Kanso Code team provided us with a full team of engineers to achieve it. They know their craft well.

Happy client face image - Ujjal Kohli
Ujjal Kohli
CEO at Kanekto
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Ready for change?

Your vision - our Mission.

Don't wait until your competition will take over by integrating Digital Strategies.

We have 10 Years of experience building digital products for Enterprises and Startups.

Our main focus is your Product. Our satisfaction is your success.

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Why Kanso-way of building software?

We believe that most money wasted by not understanding the business need and solving non-existing problems. The way to advance in digital transformation is to study in-depth business, and become partners.


Software Products


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Types of Services

We have successfully delivered digital products to renowned industry leaders, who have leveraged our expertise to enhance their digital presence.

Digital Venture Development

We specialize in comprehensive end-to-end software development, offering you the lowest risk engagement and predictable delivery.

Software Team

We assist in expanding your local team by providing experienced resources skilled in our top tech stacks

Software Consulting

We offer software consulting and advisory services during the most critical phases of your product development journey.

What technologies do you use for development? 

We are using the technical stack which allows easily hire and maintain talent. Our primary tech stack is a TypeScript combination for ReactJS with NodeJS (NestJS) for the web development.

Apart from that we believe in the concept of using tools for tasks and not being locked to particular technology.

How much the development cost? 

The best way to find a precise quote for your project is to schedule a Discovery phase when we can identify User Personas and clarify all functionality needed to be developed. Giving a generic Estimate is not professional and we rather Scope Together than give you a eye ball number.

When can you start working on my project?

We have dedicated software team of many professional software developers who can start analyzing and delivering functionality for your project starting from next week.  

Mikki Kobvel

CEO at Kanso Code

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